Before I share my vision with you, would you tell me what your perfect day looks like? All of you who are seeing this description – imagine your perfect wedding day! Close your eyes! What do you see, what is happening?


What is your passion, what do you like to do? My passion, my hobby, as trite as it may seem, is to create moments, captured in photos. The way I achieve this is to look at photos of the best photographers in the world, their ideas, their vision every day, and refract them through my different and individual vision. The only thing I am trying to show through wedding photography is love, connected with emotion! Emotions turn photos into moments, moments to tell your story, because your perfect wedding day is the perfect “work” day for me.


My invisible presence is necessary in order to capture the unique and singular momentary emotion of your wedding day. Good contact with people allows me to touch with words. The emotional “pressure” of family photos is one of my favorite parts of your wedding celebration. The moment before I press the button, I’d approach your parents and with a delicate tone I would ask them: “Do you remember the moment when you first held your daughter together, how did you feel? Please show me this emotion, look at your daughter and show me how you feel!!!


This is my DIFFERENT, EMOTIONAL and most of all TRUE style. The number of happy and perfect days you will have depends on you. What I know for sure is this – I will make for you unforgettable and spontaneous MOMENTS, forever imprinted in photographs. Photographs which will always be able to touch you!!!!